Alot, A Lot, Allot

What’s wrong with the book title below, featured on‘s UK site?

You Have to Kiss Alot of Frogs*
by Laurie Graff (Author)

You spotted it right away, didn’t you? What? You didn’t? This is a total gimme!

There is no such word as alot. The proper spelling of the two words comprising this mash-up that will not go away is A LOT. Two words. A. Lot. Meaning “many” or “much.”

There’s a reason that squiggly red line appears when you type “alot” into Microsoft Word — it’s because your computer is screaming at you that the word doesn’t exist.

And don’t tell me you’re one of those people who just adds another “L” to make the red line go away. Because “allot” means “to divide” or “to give out,” as in: “The government will allot one chicken for every pot.”

It’s simple, people…use your thumb for something besides text messaging, hit the space bar and join the unhooked generation!

*In fairness to the author and publisher of the above-mentioned book, A Lot is spelled correctly on the book’s cover.


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